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The Cast and Their Motives

Sidney Prescott(Neve Campbell)
After surviving the murders from the previous murders, trying to forget about the past, she couldn’t be the killer or could she?

Gale Weathers(Courtney Cox)
Rising to fame with her new movie Stab, about her ordeal. She comes to Sidney’s college to help investigate the murders. Could she be the killer?

Cotton Weary(Live Schreiber)
Just released from jail being wrongly accused of Sidney’s mothers death. Maybe a has come back for vengeance?

Dewey Rile(David Arquette)
After being stabbed in the back from Scream he quits the force because of nerve damage, he resides at Sidney’s college as a campus police officer. Maybe the death of his sister made him snap going on a new killing spree?

Randy Perkins(Jamie Kennedy)
Also residing at college with Sidney and still being a movie super freak, could he have seen newer movies and gotten some new ideas?

Helen(Sarah Michelle Gellar)
A college student and Sidney’s new bestfriend, After reading Gale’s new book “The Woodsborro Murders” she could be tricking everyone into thanking she is a perfect angel?

Sharon Masters(Jada Pinkett)

Taking the role as Casey Becker and being slaughtered, she could not be the killer?

Derek(Jerry O’ Connell)
Sidney’s new boyfriend maybe he is using Billy’s old ways?

Debbie Salt(Laurie Metcalf)
A wannabe Gale Weathers is a reporter that appears at the murders. Did I mention that a few years ago she went by the name of Debbie Loomis yep, thats right Billy’s mommy?????

Hallie(Elise Neal)
Sid’s roommate and friend, is she the new psycho causing these deaths.

Mickey(Tim Olymphant)
The newest Randy Perkins movie nut, Could he be in his own world of horror movies, murders and more movies?

Murphy(Portia deRossi)
A mean sorority sister that may be planning to kill?

Joel(Duane Martin)
Ms. Weathers’s new cameraman maybe he has taken some abuse from Gale and could not take anymore?

Lois(Rebecca Gayheart)
Another college student. Could she have a twisted brain planning to do wrong?

Phil(Omar Epps)
Sharons boyfriend, is he the one?

Chief Hartley(Lewis Arquette)
A jaded police chief, that is bent on showing the world he has something to prove?

Dawnie(Marisol Nichols)
Another student that maybe is jealous of Sidney and has set out to gain popularity