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Facts About

Dewey(David Arquette)sister Patrica Arquette played the lead role in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

Sheriff Burke(Joseph Whipp)Played in Wes Craven's most famous movie A Nightmare on Elm Street as a police officer.

Wes Craven also had a cameo role in Scream as Fred the Janitor. You may notice he is wearing the original Freddy Krueger sweater and hat while he is mopping the floor.

Kenny(E. Earl) Had a small role in Wes Craven's New Nightmare as a morgue attendant and in Wes' Vampire in Brooklyn.

Randy Meeks(Jamie Kennedy) is a movie freak that has probably seen every horror movie ever made and loves his favorite actor Jamie Lee Curtis, while they both have the same first name.

When Tatum mentions something about "This is turning into some Wes Carpenter flick. Referring about Wes Craven and creator of Halloween John Carpenter.

Billy Loomis(Skeet Ulrich) Looked exactly like Johnny Depp who played in A Nightmare on Elm Street. He also did a scene in that movie where he crawled into his girlfriends window. Skeet also crawled in his girlfriend's room in Scream.

Billy Loomis is the same last name of the character Dr. Sam Loomis in Halloween.

At the beginning of Scream, Casey's dad tells her mother "To go down the street to the MacKenies." In Halloween Laurie tells the two kids she is babysitting the same line.

When Principal Himbry opens the closet it is the same way Freddy opened in New Nightmare.

Principal Himpry also played Fonzi on "Happy Days" there is a scene where he flips his hair back like his old character Fonzi always did.

A funny little thing everyone knows Courteney Cox(Gale Weathers) plays in the sitcom "Friends", well in one episode (David Arquette) Guest Starred on it as a stalker.

Tatum says "What is this? 'I Spit On Your Garage'?, a direct reference to I Spit On Your Grave.

When Casey Becker dies, it is just like the movie "When a Stranger Calls Back.

Facts About

Chief Hartley(Lewis Arquette) is in real-life Dewey Riley's (David Arquette) dad.

In the hospital scene when Derek is getting his arm checked out, you can see Wes Craven dressed up in a doctors suit in the background talking.

Writer of Scream 2 Kevin Williamson also has a cameo role as the man interviewing Cotton Weary on the show Current Edition.

And Matt Lillard from Scream is scene at the Cocktail Mixer party talking to people in the back sporting a blonde hair due.

Alot of refrences were made to Courney Cox pals from the cast of Friends. Like when it is said that David Schwimmer is playing Dewey in the movie Stab.

Or the reason Gale Weathers starts to smoke is because she found nude pics of herself on the internet, but it was her head pasted on Jennifer Aniston's body.

In Scream 2 you can also see there is a shirt similar to Freddy's Sweater in Sidney's room.

Luke Wilson who played Billy in Stab is currently dating Drew Barrymore.

David Warner who played Sidney's drama teacher was originally cast to play Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but lost the role to Robert Englund.

Facts About

In Stab 3 Cotton stars in a cameo role like many real people do in movies based on themselves.

Sidney's dog is named Cherokee, whaoooo what a great fact.

The pictures of Sidney as a child at her home and Kincaid's desk are actual pictures of her.

The poster on the wall at Sid's home is the Greek play "The Fall of Troy". Which she performed in, in Scream 2.

The student who stands up and confronts Gale Weather's about her reporting ways in the auditorium is Richmond Arquette, David's brother.

Josh Pais who played detective Wallace starred in Craven's Music of The Heart and will hopefully be starring in Dracula 2000 another film produced by Wes.

Gale Weather's mentions to Jennifer(a.k.a. Gale)that things didn't work out with Brad Pitt, Pitt is dating Courteney Cox's co-star Jennifer Aniston. He also starred in Freddy's Nightmares the tv show.

Parker Posey starred on an episode of "The Simpsons" as a crazed pshyco babysitter recently.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith commonly known as Jay & Silent Bob from Smith's movies Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma make a cameo as themselves mistaking Cox as Connie Chung. For more info to why these two showed up in Scream 3 click here.

Clerks is one of the movies watched in Scream at the party, the box is on the VCR.

Wes Craven has a role right behind Jay and Silent Bob as a tour guy with a camera along side another crew member.

Sarah Darling get's mad about there being "another goddam rewrite, this is true during Scream 1, 2, and 3 many rewrites took place.

Kincaid's line about there being "3 different script version's something about keeping the ending off the net, they did do this in Scream 2 and 3.

Roman say's to Jennifer "You can always go back to Must See TV" a reference to Courteney Cox in "Friends" and Patrick Warburton on "Seinfeld".

Gale Weathers rings the doorbell, which doesn't ring. Right before she is busted by Steven Stone. It was edited out.

When Dewey, Gale, Gale(Jennifer), and Angelina fall down the hill both Gale's cry out for him, but he ultimitly goes toward the Gale he loved ahhhh isn't that sweet.

Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame wrote her entire scene about the one who got the part fucked George Lucas, which happens in Hollywood.

In Sidney's fake home in the studio there is a poster of "Creed" in her room who performed "What If" for the soundtrack, which David Arquette starred in as Dewey.

John Milton has a robot in his office which is a direct reference to "Aliens" because he played a cyborg named Bishop. Wes discussed this during the DVD Communtary.

Roman walks off with Jennifer toward the end of the movie and says "Don't worry......We'll be right back. Remember in Scream this was one of the fatal rules.

When Sidney stabs Roman with the ice pick the second time it missed the padded vest and wounded his shoulder, the scene of him crying from it is a real cry.